The Latest In Scanning Technology

With some of the latest innovations in computer monitor technologies coupled with the latest state of the art  programming languages many new and exciting developments will be released over the next several months.   One such applications allows you to use the surface of your monitor screen as a crude scanner capable of producing a low resolution image.   This camera application takes that technology one step further to produce a low resolution photograph.    Even though its range is limited to approximately 24 inches from the screen surface it seems to do a fairly accurate job of reproducing the image.

Try it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

1)  Sit directly in front of your monitor approximately 24 inches from the screen.
2)  Scroll the camera up and look at the blinking cursor in the camera lens.
3)  Click the  "TAKE PHOTO"  button with the mouse cursor when you are ready.
4)  Try not to move while the timer is running and don't forget to smile.