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Dayton Hamvention / 2010

May 14-16, 2010

Page Three  -  Hamvention Flea Market

The Dayton Hamvention this year gave us beautiful weather and great attendance.     Pictured above is Jeff (WA8SAJ) out in the flea market in his selling space.   Look at the Drake gear he has for sale.  On the right side is Jeff in the center and Dean (KC8VPC) on the left and on the right is Terry (KC8NTB). 

Pictured in the middle section is Sindre (LA6OP), a world renowned Drake collector, shows off the Drake C7 Station Console.   The Drake 7-line C-7 Station Console is a prototype of a planned new product accessory, but never went into production.  The C-7 included a Remote VFO, Phone Patch, CW Keyer, Antenna Switch, Timer, Audio Controls, Power Control, and a Speech Processor all built into one package.   This would have been a fantastic 7-Line accessory, too bad Drake ended their ham radio manufacturing before this went into production.

The bottom pictures, on the left is Mike March and friends around Jeff's flea market space and pictures of other boat anchors we found of interest in the flea market.



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