Another Proud Drake User

Club Station - W9IMS

  This is a photo of the Drake operating position at club station W9IMS.  All gear was restored by W9SU.   In the picture from left to right are B line (R4B/T4XB) stacks,  one each for 160,80,40,20,15 and 10.  The gap in the middle is where the 30M pair normally sits, and out of the picture on the right are 2 more pairs for 12 and 17M.  Visible toward the top are various Drake SWL receivers.  Each rig drives a homebrew legal limit amp, and the station has a 3 element monobander at 160 feet for 40M , and fixed beams at various heights up to 180 feet for 20M.  Location is adjacent to our more modern club station, W9IMS. 

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