Model: IC-751 Bulletin: B1707 Subject: Power amplifier oscillates at 1.9 MHz 1. Remove the top and bottom cover from the radio. 2. Remove the PA Section screws and Remove the PA section from the radio. NOTE: Make sure that the location of each wire going to the PA section is noted so they may be reconnected properly when the PA section is reinstalled. 3. Remove the filter board from the radio. 4. Replace the components listed below on the filter board. Current New ICOM Part Part P/N L2 LR137 LR147 924-02138 L2 LR137 LR147 924-02138 LR35 LR136 924-02206 C1 15pf 18pf Dip Mica C3 2700pf 2200pf Dip Mica 918-01822 C4 220pf 120pf 500V 918-01559 C5 1500pf 1200pf Dip Mica C56 330pf 918-01575 Note: Add this part to the foil side of the board 5. Reinstall the filter board in the radio 6. Reinstall the PA section in the radio. 7. Replace the covers on the radio.