Model: IC-R7000 Bulletin: B1906 Subject: If display fails to operate at power on 1. Remove the top and bottom cover from the radio. 2. Remove the front panel sub-assembly from the main chassis of the radio. 3. Remove the DC to DC converter from the radio. 4. Replace the following parts on the indicated boards. Current New ICOM Designator Part Board Part P/N Q1 and Q2 2CS1214 DC to DC Converter 2SC2655 906-00385 R1 and R2 3.3 K DC to DC Converter 5.16K 915-01173 C2 and C4 DC to DC Converter .001mf 50V 918-01500 Q11 & Q12 Display Board 2SC2655 906-00385 R31 & R32 3.3 K Display 5.16 K 915-01173 C13 & C16 Display .001mf 50V 918-01500 5. Reassemble the boards and front panel on the radio. 6. Reinstall the top and bottom cover on the radio. 7. Test