Model: IC-2GAT Bulletin: B2701 Subject: If a noise is transmitted when the CTCSS tone is used. 1. Remove the 4 screws from the back of the radio. Remove the 4 screws from the battery plate on the bottom of the radio. Remove the 2 screws on the side of the radio near the PTT switch. 2. Remove the covers from the radio. 3. Unplug the speaker and DTMF pad connector from the main board. 4. Remove the screws that hold the main board onto the standoffs inside the radio. Remove the main board from the radio and the shield that is underneath it. 5. Remove the antenna connector from the radio. 6. Remove the screw on the main body of the radio on the left hand side. This will release the PA brick from the side of the radio. 7. Remove the 4 standoffs and any screws that are holding the PLL RF board to the main chassis of the radio. 8. Remove the PLL RF board from the radio. 9. Replace R46 and R47 on the RF board. Original New ICOM Part Value Value P/N R46 10K chip resistor 100K chip resistor 915-01270 R47 47K chip resistor 470K chip resistor 915-04920 10. Reassemble the radio.