Bulletin: IC1005 Vendor: Icom Subject: Icom V21AT, W21AT, X21AT ext receive The Icom W21AT dualband HT can be given an extended receive range (50-999 MHz) by doing the following: turn radio off; hold down # and B keys, then turn radio on; wait for the display to cycle through a self test and for the radio to beep, then release the buttons. The instructions mentioned that there should now be a new RP function in the SET lineup, which allows the W21AT to access these frequencies. I do not have a W21AT to verify this. But I did verify it with a V21AT and an X21AT. It works on both, to varying extent. The V21AT unlocks the 220 side for 215-230 MHz receive; no change to the 2M side (it still covers 136-174 MHz normally though). The X21AT unlocks very nicely, allowing you to tune 50-1310 MHz, continuous coverage! The 2M portion covers 50-300, the 440 portion covers 300-1000, and the 1.2 portion covers 1000-1310 MHz. To access these frequencies, at least how it's done on the V21AT and X21AT, use the [f] DSEL function to select MHz/KHz etc. There is no extra "RP" function in set, at least not on these models.