Bulletin: SM6150 Vendor: ICOM / IC-2410 Subject: Enabling Cross Band Repeat IC-2410A/H SPECIAL FUNCTIONS MINI REPEATER FUNCTION (SUB BAND REMOTE CONTROL) OPTIONAL UT-55 NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED OPERATION: 1. Set frequencies on both UHF and VHF. If necessary set transmit offset and tone. Then sub band remote control mode needs to be chosen. 2. Sub band remote control mode will be cancelled by sending D B * Remote control code and the set will go to mini repeater mode. The identical function will be obtained which is described in #3 of "Mini Repeater Function". 3. Mini repeater function will be cancelled by the radio going to sub band remote control mode. If pass word has been programmed, it is necessary to send a pass word. Another way to cancel mini repeater function is to hold "SET" key on the main radio. CONTINUED IN IC2410.7 IC2410.7 MINI REPEATER FUNCTION OPERATION PROCEDURE: 1. Set frequency for both UHF and VHF. If necessary, set transmit offset and tone. 2. Hold "BAND" switch and "SET" switch. The memory number display will flash the letter "L". This indicates the 2410 is in the "Mini Repeater" mode. 3. Transmission by PTT is possible. If PTT is operated, the band which is indicated by flashing decimal point will be transmitted. This can be done even when in "MINI REPEAT" mode. In other words, PTT has a priority over the "MINI REPEAT" operation. Transmitted band will be switched by "UP" or "DN" key in the microphone. The flashing decimal point will indicate which band will be transmitted. 4. Mini Repeater function will remain even when power is turned off. To disable the repeater function, hold "SET" key until memory number display comes up.