Antennas Directory
  Construction plans to build a 2 meter J-Pole Antenna
  Build a phasing harness to stack beam antennas
  Calculate beam antenna gain by the number of elements
  Build a portable 2 meter J-Pole antenna using 300 ohm lead
  Good detailed article on building J-Pole antennas
  Antenna Theory - General discussion
  Antenna Theory - Low HF frequencies
  Antenna Theory - Medium HF frequencies
  Antenna Theory - VHF/UHF frequencies
  Constructing a 6 meter duplexer / complete plans
  Plans to construct a 2 meter quad antenna
  Constructions details to build a Bazooka HF antenna
  Discussion and plans to build a Discone all band antenna
  Explanation of dBd vs dBi when used with antenna gain
  A comparison between a Delta Loop and the Vee antenna
  BALANS ...... When And Where To Use Them
  SWR Myths,The Facts And Fiction About SWR Measurements
  DISCONE antenna construction article
  VHF antennas made from mike cans
  Simple to build a two meter onmi-directional antenna
  Cheap and simple 1.2Ghz antenna for ATV
  Build a 222Mhz jpole antenna
  Compact 440Mhz antenna system for ATV and SSB
  Plans for building a Terminated Tilted Folded Dipole
  Build a G5RV antenna for HF 80 thru 10 neters
  Build a 2 meter stealth antenna, a 2 meter loop
  Construct a Jpole antenna for the FM broadcast band
    How to properly install and solder a PL-259 connector

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