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Drake Nostalgia - Viewing The Past 

 Drake Equipment Brochures


Listed below are the actual full color equipment brochures, Sorted By Model Number

7 Line Equipment Accessory Brochure

Theta 7000E Communications Terminal Brochure

TV Interference Filters Brochure

2-B Receiver Brochure

2-C Receiver Brochure (Early Version)

2-C Receiver Brochure (Late Version)

2NT Transmitter Brochure

AA-10 Two Meter Amplifier Brochure

4-Line Brochure (R-4A & T4X)

B-Line Equipment Brochure (R-4B & T-4XB)

C-4 Station Console Brochure

DSR-1 Commercial Receiver Brochure

DSR-2 Commercial Receiver Brochure

L-4 Linear Amplifier Brochure

L-4B Linear Amplifier Brochure

L-7 Amplifier & Accessories Brochure

MC-4 Mobile Console Brochure

ML-2 Marker Luxury Two Meter Transceiver Brochure

MN-4 & MN-2000 Antenna Tuners Brochure 

MN-2700 Antenna Tuner Brochure

NB-34 Noise Blanker Installation Kit Brochure

R-4 Receiver Brochure

R-4B Receiver Brochure

R-4C Receiver Brochure

R-7 Receiver & Accessories Brochure

RP-700 Receiver Protector Brochure

RSC-4 Remote Coax Switch Brochure

SC-6 & SC-2 Converters and Accessories Brochure

SPR-4 Receiver Brochure

SW-4 Short Wave Receiver Brochure

SW-4A Short Wave Receiver Brochure

Drake T-4XB Transmitter Brochure

T4XC Transmitter Brochure

TC-2 Transmit Converter Brochure

TC-6 Transmit Converter Brochure

TR-22 Two Meter Transceiver Brochure

TR-72 Two Meter Transceiver Brochure

TR-3 Transceiver Brochure

TR-4 Transceiver Brochure

TR-4C Transceiver Brochure

TR-44B Communications Station Brochure

TR-5 Transceiver Brochure

TR-7 Transceiver Brochure

TR-7 Transceiver & Accessories Brochure

TR-7 Transceiver & R-7 Receiver Brochure

TR-72 Transceiver Brochure

TR-270 Transceiver Brochure

W-4 and WV-4 Wattmeter Brochure

UV-3 UHF/VHF Transceiver Brochure 


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