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Keep Your Shack Warm In The Winter With Drake Radios.

Drake Technical Net:

Join the fun, tune into the Drake Technical Net.    The net is every Sunday at 4:00pm EST / 3:00PM CST on 7.238Mhz.  The Drake Technical Net is a technical session for troubleshooting help, looking for parts, repair assistance and advice.

  Take a look at these featured articles written by other Drake users.

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  Identifying Drake TR7 & TR7A Differences

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  The History Behind The RL Drake Company

  Do you consider yourself a Drake Collector, whether it be a few radios, small collection or large, proudly display this emblem.  Just copy and paste the picture to your e-mail, website or other projects.


Check out the previous Dayton Hamvention's and Drake Forum's.   One of the high lights at Dayton for the Drakester is the annual Drake Forum on Saturday.