Equipment Manuals  

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  • Some manuals are available in both the .HTML format and the .PDF format.   The Acrobat reader format, .PDF, are indicated as such.  If not specifically listed the file is in the .HTML format and visible directly from the website.   All Acrobat Reader format files, .PDF, are downloaded only to your computer.  The Adobe Reader software is required to view manual. 
  • All materials are full size, some files are large, allow extra time when downloading from a low-speed connection.   
  • Manuals pages in the .HTML format are best viewed using 1024x768 resolution mode. 

Drake AUX-7 Programming Board  (.pdf) Format

1525EM Tone Encoding Microphone Manual

7077 Microphone Manual  (pdf.) Format

"High Patch" Phone Patch Manual

2-C Receiver Manual

2-NT Transmitter Manual

34PNB Noise Blanker Manual

4-NB Noise Blanker Manual

5-NB Noise Blanker Manual

7-NB Noise Blanker Manual

9-NB Noise Blanker Manual

AC-3 Power Supply Manual

AC-4 Power Supply Manual

B-1000 Balun Manual (.pdf) Format

C-4 Station Console Manual

CC-1 Converter Console Manual  Adobe (.pdf) format

CPS-1 Power Supply Manual

CS-7 Coax Switch Manual

CW-75 Electronic Keyer Manual

DC-4 Power Supply Manual

FF-1 Fixed Frequency Adapter Manual

FS-4 Frequency Synthesizer Manual   (.pdf) Format

L-4B Linear Amplifier Manual

L-7 Linear Amplifier

L-75 Linear Amplifier Manual

ML-2 Two Meter Transceiver Manual

MN-4 Matching Network Manual

MN-4C Matching Network Manual

MN-7 Matching Network Manual

MN-75 Matching Network

MN-2000 (Version 1) Matching Network Manual  (.pdf) Format

MN-2000 (Version 2) Matching Network Manual

MN-2700 Matching Network

NB-5 Noise Blanker Manual

NB-7 Noise Blanker Manual

P-75 Phone Patch Manual

PS-7 Power Supply Manual

PS-7 Power Supply Manual   (.pdf) Format

PS-75 Power Supply Manual

R-4 Receiver Manual

R-4B Receiver Manual

R-4C Receiver Manual - Early Version

R-4C Receiver Manual - Late Version

R-4C Receiver Manual   Adobe (.pdf) Format

R-7A Receiver Manual

R-8 Receiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

R-8A Receiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

RV-3 Remote VFO Manual

RV-4C Remote VFO Manual

RV-6 Six Meter Remote VFO Manual

RV-7 Remote VFO Manual

RV-75 Manual  (.pdf) Format

SC-2 Two Meter Converter Manual

SC-6 Six meter Converter Manual  (.pdf) Format

SCC-1 Calibrator Manual  (.pdf) Format

SP-75 Speech Processor Manual

SPR-4 Shortwave Receiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

SW-1 Receiver Receiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

SW-2 Receiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

SW-4A Receiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

SW-8 Receiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

TC-2 Transmit Converter Manual

TC-6 Transmit Converter Manual

T-4X / T-4 Transmitter Manual

T-4XB Transmitter Manual

T-4XC Transmitter Manual

TR-22C Two Meter Transceiver Manual

TR-33 Two Meter Transceiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

TR-3 Transceiver Manual

TR-4 Transceiver Manual

TR-4C Transceiver Manual

TR-4CW Supplementary Instruction Sheet

TR-5 Transceiver Manual

TR-6 Transceiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

TR-7 Transceiver Manual

TR-7 Transceiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

TR-7 Transceiver Circuit Diagrams  (.pdf) Format

W-4 Watt Meter Manual

UV-3 UHF/VHF Transceiver Manual

UV-3 UHF/VHF Transceiver Manual  (.pdf) Format

UV-3 UHF/VHF Transceiver Schematics  (.pdf) Format

WH-7 Watt Meter Manual