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*  All the manuals listed in this menu are the complete manual is a single downloadable file in the Adobe .pdf format.    

*  The view these files the Adobe Reader requires the Adobe Reader software.    The Adobe Reader is available at no cost, just download the software from the Adobe website.   Listed below is the link to the Adobe website.

*  The Drake Manuals listed below are complete manuals so the file size is very large.  The exact file size is listed at the end of the menu line item.     The time needed to download a file will vary with the size of the file and the connection speed which you are connected to.  Very large manuals are broken into two parts the keep the file size to a minimum.

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AC-3 Power Supply Early Version / File Size:

CC-1 Converter Console Manual / File Size: 462KB

FS-4 Frequency Synthesizer Manual   File Size: 1.9MB

MN-2000 (Version 1) Matching Network Manual  /  File Size: 9.5MB

PS-7 Power Supply Manual  /  600KB

R-4C Receiver Manual  /  File Size: 2.54MB

R-8 Receiver Manual  /  File Size: 2.04MB

R-8A Receiver Manual  /  File Size: 700KB

RV-75 Remote VFO Manual / File Size: 10.2MB

SC-6 Six Meter Converter Manual  /  File Size: 578KB

SPR-4 Shortwave Receiver Manual / File Size: 17.8M

SW-1 Short Wave Receiver Manual  /  File Size: 3.0MB

SW-2 Short Wave Receiver Manual  / File Size: 3.9MB

SW-4A Short Wave Receiver Manual  /  File Size: 9.9MB

SW-8 Short Wave Receiver Manual  / File Size 1.0MB

TR-33 Two Meter Transceiver Manual  /  File Size: 3.5MB

TR-6 Transceiver Manual - Part 1 - Pages 1 to 30  /  File Size:  12.5MB

TR-6 Transceiver Manual - Part 2 - Pages 31 to 59  /  File Size: 9.8MB

TR-7 Transceiver Manual  /  File Size: 6.6MB

TR-7 Transceiver All Circuit Diagrams  /  File Size: 7.9MB

UV-3 UHF/VHF Transceiver Manual  /  File Size: 4.9MB

UV-3 UHF/VHF Transceiver Schematics  /  File Size: 730KB