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Inside The Drake TR-7 Transceiver

by: Ronald Baker / WB4HFN

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The intent of this article is to help the semi-non-technical person understand what is inside the Drake TR-7(A) Transceiver, how it works, and discusses simple adjustment and modifications the end-user can perform.    I start with a basic overview of the inside of the radio and how the signals flow.    I show each plug-in circuit board with a brief description of its function or purpose.   Towards the end of the article I go through several simple alignment procedures, discuss a few simple radio modifications to enhance the operation, and troubleshooting information.   The last four pages is the Drake TR-7 color brochure published during the production of the radio.

Table Of Contents

Page 1
  • Brief Introduction and History behind the TR-7
  • TR-7 Board Layout
  • The Parent Board

Page 2

  • The Road Map 
  • How Signal Flow Through The Radio

Page 3

  • The Power Cable
  • Wiring A Microphone
  • The Rear Panel Accessory Connectors

Page 4

  • The Up-Converter Board
  • The VCO Board
  • The Translator Board
  • The PTO Assembly

Page 5

  • The 2nd Mixer Board
  • The IF Switching Board
  • The Noise Blanker Accessory Board
  • The IF Filter Board

Page 6

  • The Pass Band Tuning Board
  • The IF/Audio Board
  • The Transmit Exciter Board

Page 7

  • The Digital Board
  • The AUX-7 Accessory Board
  • The Digital Display Board
  • The Power Supply Board
Page 8
  • The Power Amplifier
  • The High Pass Filter boards
  • The Low Pass Filter Boards
  • The ALC Board

Page 9 

  • Making Basic Adjustments To The TR-7
  • The Power Meter Calibration
  • The RIT Centering Adjustment
  • The Radio Mode Frequency Adjustments
  • S-Meter, IF Gain, & CW Mode Off-Set Adjustments
  • The ALC Adjustment
  • The Transmit Carrier Balance Adjustment

Page 10

  • The "Poor Man's" AM Filter Modification
  • The All-Band Transmit Modification
  • The TR-7 Quiet Fan Modification

Page 11

  • The TR-7 Pin Diode Dilemma
  • The High Pass Filter Board - Pin Diodes
  • Troubleshooting Pin Diode Problems

Page 12

  • Replacing The Internal Fuse
  • Replacing The Dial Bulb Lamps
  • Companion Articles
  • Useful Function For The "Store" Switch
  • Identifying The TR-7 Differences And Versions
  • Transmit AM Mode Filter Modification
  • Restoring the TR-7 Amplifier To Full Power

Page 13  -  The TR-7 Full Color Brochure - Front Page

Page 14  -  Brochure Inside Front Page

Page 15  -  Brochure Inside Rear Page

Page 16  -  Brochure Rear Page

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