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Repairs And Troubleshooting Tips


Low Cost Power Switch Replacement For the Drake L-4B & L-7 Amplifiers ,  by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Drake AC3 & AC4 Power Supply Troubleshooting,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK


   From the Desk of, and Author of "KL0S Shack Notes", Dino Papas / KL0S  

Amplifier Tube Socket Repair, by Dino Papas / KL0S

Drake RF Amplifier Power Supply Fixes, by Dino Papas / KL0S


Another Drake AC-4 Power Supply Upgrade, by Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ

Drake L4/L4-B Blower Fan Repair/Upgrade, by Gene McCalmont / W5DDW

Drake L4-B Power Switch Repair & Refurbishing, By David Drake / WD9CMD

Eliminating Drake TR7 Key Clicks, By Floyd Sense / K8AC

What's Inside the Drake TR-7 Transceiver, by Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Why Is The 8BN8 Tube Is Used In The Drake 2B Receiver, by: Garey Barrell / K4OAH

Rebuilding The Drake PTO Assembly "Smooth As Silk Tuning",   by: Neil Rosenberg / K1VY

T4XC Transmitter with intermittent or erratic power output,  by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Solving High Voltage Connector Problems with the Drake Amplifiers, by Evan Rolek / K9SQG

R4, R4A, & R4B Series Receiver & T4X Transceive Adjustment,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

R-4, R-4B, R-4C Injection Level Problems,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Drake PTO Grounding,  by: Donnie Garrett / WA9TGT

Drake PTO Troubleshooting,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Drake Parts, Materials & Resources,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

TR-7 Pin Diode Test Procedure

TR4C, R4C, T4XC Repairing the VFO Dial Rubber Bushing,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Identifying The Drake TR-7 Differences and Versions,  by: Ronald Baker / WB4HFN

Relay Care For TR3, TR4, T4X & T4XB,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Troubleshooting Antenna Relay Problems,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Repairing the Antenna Switch in the MN-2700 Antenna Tuner, by: Lee Cramer / WB6SSW

Restoring A Drake TR-7 Amplifier To Full Output, by: Floyd Sense / K8AC


Radio Modifications


The N4YG DDS (Digital) VFO and the Drake TR-7, by Floyd Sense / K8AC

Installing the X-Lock-3 in the Drake TR-7, by: Pete Juliano / N6QW

Drake L-4B, Table Top Amplifier Redesign, by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Drake TR-7 Improvements - Installing X-Lock VFO Stablizer / KI4GIN

The Drake TR-6 and TR4 Series AM Filter Up Date,  by: Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ

Pin Diode Attenuator For The Drake TR-7 Power Amplifier, by Floyd Sense / K8AC

High Speed Switching For The L-4B Amplifier, by Garry Drummond / K4OR

Electronic Bias Switching For The Drake Amplifier, by Garry Drummond / K4OR

A Homebrew AUX-7 Board for the Drake TR7 and R7, by Floyd Sense / K8AC

Homebrewing The Drake 1544 RV75/R7 Adapter, by Lee Craner / WB6SSW

The Drake TR-7 Transceiver Renewed, by Marc Van Stralen / PA1HFO

Vintage Radio Refurbishing Before Restoration, by Ron Baker / WB4HFN

TR-7 Modification For Wide Band AM Transmitting, by Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ

Using the Drake TR-7(A) "Store" Switch To Add A Transmit Key Function, by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

R4C Receiver power supply modification using LM7812 regulator,  by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Test results using the 6JU6 tube as a replacement for the 6JB6,  by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

T4X Series AM Mode Modification,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

R4 Series AGC Modifications,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

T-4X OR TR-4 DC Fan Installation,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Adding an AM Filter to a Drake TR-4C,  By: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Adding An AM Filter To the Drake TR-4CW,  by: Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ

New INRAD Filters For The Drake TR-4CW,  by: Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ

L4 & L7 Replacement Electrolytes - An Inexpensive Drop-In Replacement,  by: Evan Rolek / K9SQG

Drake T-4 Line Circuit Modification for High Fidelity AM,  by: Thomas Cathey / K1JJ

The “RAC” Digital-Dial for Your Old Boatanchor, by Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ

Add Two More Switched Coax Connectors To the MN-2700 Tuner, by: Lee Craner / WB6SSW

Programming Modules for the AUX-7 Board, by: Gary Poland / W8PU

The Drake AC-4 And AC-3 Power Supply Upgrade, by: Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ


Restoration Techniques

Restoring the black finish to the tuning knob insert,  by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Drake Cabinet Repainting by the Hartzell Manufacturing Company

"The Cleaning Of Wafer Switches",  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

A Process For Cleaning Drake Chassis,  by: Ron Wagner / WD8SBB

Drake Cabinet Repainting Basics,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Electrolytic Filter Capacitor Rebuild, By Al Parker / W8UT

Drake Case "Stick Paint' Repair, by: Claudio Pocaterra / I4YHH


Drake Articles From the Users

The Unraveling of Drake's TR4 Series SSB Filter Scheme, by Jeff Covelli - WA8SAJ

Adapting the IQPro VFO to the Drake TR7, by:   Floyd Sense - K8AC

Drake Equipment Grading Standard,   by Donnie Garrett, WA9TGT

Drake Model 1A, the first receiver manufactured by the company in 1957

The History of the R.L. Drake Company ,  by: Bill Frost / WD8DFP

The Technology Of Our Times -  Technology Behind The TR-7 Transceiver

DXing From The Ground Up,  by: Don Tyrrell / W8AD

Color Coded Crystals In the Drake R-4A & B Series,  by: Garey Barrell / K4OAH