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Drake Case “Sticky Paint” Repair

By:  Claudio Pocaterra / I4YHH  / Porto Fuori, Italy

About fifteen years ago I discovered a very efficient and easy method to clean up and make like new the old style paint for 7 line equipment.  It’s very “homely”, but the result is amazing.

Step 1)  Wash the cabinet thoroughly with warm water and liquid soap for dishes.  Don’t dry, but leave it wet a bit.  From this moment until the end, don’t touch the surface with your fingers to not leave prints on it, use rubber gloves to handle the case.

Step 2)  Get a can of oven spray foam cleaner (your wife may already have it to clean the oven) and spray it uniformly over the case.  (Use the no sodium hydrate type).  Let it work for few seconds (7-8 no more: it’s very active), rinse thoroughly with cold water and check the result.   If a “little sticky” is still present, repeat the operation.   It may be necessary to repeat this process one or two times again, each time, spray, rinse, dry and check.

Step 3)  Now the sticky surface is gone.   Dry the case well, if possible, use compressed air or a hair dryer with a no-heat or cold setting.

Step 4)  Finish the surface with a silicon spray, like what is used for the dashboard of your car, until the surface is completely covered, spray in abundance.   Use a clean towel spread the spray thoroughly all over the surface and clean the excess off with the same towel.   Once, also I tried wetting the towel with plumbing silicon grease , it’s the same.   Now you can touch the case with your fingers and your 7 Line case is like new, forever.

First time, I used it on my MS-7 case many years ago, and it is still perfect.   I repeated it many times on the other 7 Line components that I bought in the following years and always the result was great.

A last note, the procedure fixes the “sticky paint” problem but, of course, it can’t erase the scratches or the spots. However, it dramatically reduces the other troubles.    For sure, the improvement of the look of your equipment will be evident.

Try and don’t worry … 73  Claudio / I4YHH