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Drake Cabinet Repainting by the  Hartzell Manufacturing Company

By: Ronald Baker / WB4HFN

Hartzell Manufacturing is one of the original companies contracted by the R.L.Drake company to paint the equipment cabinets in the 1970's.    Today they still repaint the Drake cabinets back to the original finish.  The process includes cleaning and stripping the cabinet part to bare metal, then applying the black powder paint finish.  They charge $45.00 per piece plus $25.00 shipping charges per order.  The piece charge is literally per piece, the top and bottom cabinet sections would be counted as two pieces.  I had two pieces repainted and found the color to be an exact match to the original finish, but I did find the powder splotches on the original paint are larger than that of the newly repainted cabinet.   For example, this is more noticeable when you paint only the top half of the cabinet.  Comparing the top and bottom half's set together you can tell a slight difference when you look at it closely.  For this reason I recommend if your going to repaint a cabinet send them the entire cabinet, not just the bottom or top half only.   This way the entire cabinet will have the same appearance.   Overall I think the work they did for me turned out very well, I highly recommend.

You can contact Hartzell Manufacturing for more information at:

Hartzell Manufacturing

2533 Technical Drive

Miamisburg, Ohio  45342

Phone: (937) 859-5955


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