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Written by: Mark Gilger, WB0IQK

Over time the rubber bushing that resides under the VFO knob skirt will get hard. When this happens it no longer serves itís purpose, which is to enable the user to slip the dial to get it into calibration.

 This part is no longer available, but using the following procedure, the user will be able to restore his dial to full function.


  1. Obtain a short piece of Goodyear Horizon ľĒ 200 PSI W.P. hose. It can be obtained from most hardware or plumbing supply houses. It comes in black, green or red colors. Itís usually sold by the foot.

  2. Cut a piece to a length of Ĺ inch.

  3. Spray either WD-40 or Silicon lubricant spray into the inside of the hose. This will enable it to slide up over the inner hub that you will see when you remove the original.

  4. Remove the outside dial and skirt with a small bladed screw driver.

  5. Pull off the original rubber bushing and discard.

  6. Slip the new piece onto the shaft and push the new piece onto the shaft and over the ridge at the rear of the shaft. This will take a bit of effort.

  7. Replace dial and skirt.

  8. Push in on the skirt once the unit is reassembled and rotate the dial to calibrate.


Thatís it, simple but effective.