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R4, R4A, & R4B Series Receiver & T4X Transceive Adjustment

By: Mark Gilger, WB0IQK

  • The following procedure applies to either the R4, R4A or R4B receivers.

  • This procedure will correct for the transmitter not transmitting on the receiver frequency. This is often mentioned in a QSO as not being on the other stations frequency. Or not being zero beat with the other station.

  • Turn the T4X and R4 on and let it warm up for at least 60 minutes to assure stability.

  • Place the R4 mode switch in the “SSB” position.

  • Place the R4 Function switch in the “ON” position. In this position, the receiver will not be muted when transmitting and you will be able to hear the transmit signal.

  • Turn the T4X “SIDEBAND” switch to “LOWER”

  • Place the T4X “TRANCEIVE” switch to the “RCVR” position. In this position, you are receiving on the receivers VFO

  • Press the PTT switch and you should hear your transmitted signal. With no modulation, it will sound like a bird tweeting.

  • With a small bladed screw driver, adjust the C61 while listing to the tweet.

  • Adjust the tweet in the direction that slows the tweeting down.

  • Adjust C61 until the tweet sound stops, or gets very slow. This is zero beat.

  • As an alternative, you can speak into the mic while adjusting C61. Adjust until your signal sounds the best. This method is more difficult, than adjusting for the zero beat referenced above.