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WB4HFN Drake Ham Equipment Repair

Repair and refurbishing services available on most of the Drake Ham Equipment

Drake TR-7 Extender Boards / Service Kit

Here are the Drake TR-7 Extender Boards kit, this kit is used to extend the circuit boards in the transceiver for repair and service to the individual boards.

Drake Radio Parts Locator

Drake "B" & "C" Line, 2B Receiver and TR4 & TR4C Transceiver

Here is a nice product for the Drake equipment from Garey, K4OAH.  Now you can locate those hard to find components to service your Drake equipment.

Drake R7(A) - TR7(A) Transceive Cables

Here is a resource for the R7(A)-TR7(A) Transceive Cables that function and operate just like the original Drake version.   

Drake Parts, Materials & Resources

Here is a great resource for finding a lot of the common Drake parts that are still available directly from the manufacturer and parts catalog companies.

Drake "4" Line Bar Knobs, Singles or a complete set

Here is a resource for the Drake front panel "Bar" knobs, B-Line Main Tuning Knobs.

Tuning Knob Spun Aluminum Inserts

Here is a resource for the tuning knob inserts for all Drake "C" Line equipment.

WB4HFN Drake Equipment Repair

Repair and refurbishing services available on most of the Drake radios.

International Radio - (Filters for Drake Radios)

Here is a vendor the sells all the filters for the Drake R-4C receiver and the TR-7 transceiver.  Choose from the CW, SSB and AM filters for either radio.

Sherwood Engineering  (Drake Upgrade Boards)

This company is a quality supplier for all the Drake R-4C upgrade boards.  There Drake upgrades are completely assembled, they will even do the installations work on your radio.

Nationwide Radio & Equipment Sales

This company stocks some Drake parts, manuals, T4X series plate tuning meters, TR7 case tops, WH7 and MN7 meters.

Ham Manuals

This company has all the Drake radio manuals and some service manuals on a two CD-ROM set.

W7FG Vintage Manuals

Here is a resource for good quality copies of the original Drake manuals.