Recreated TR-7 / R-7 Service Kit

HISTORY -   Several years ago I purchased a TR-7 and wanting to be able to work on it obtained a copy
                           of the Service Manual.  I soon learned to do any serious work a Service Kit sold by DRAKE
                           20 - 25 years ago as an option was required. These kits nowdays are essentially unavailable.
                           In a year of looking the only one I saw sold was on E-Bay going for $320.  I started exploring
                           the possibility of making my own by asking what the design was like and collecting parts.
                           As others learned of my project several asked to be included until I determined a small lot
                           might be produced.

                           The biggest problem I have had is finding parts.  The printed circuit circuit cards were
                           professionally designed and supplied.   But the various connectors used by Drake were
                           by MOLEX who only sells in very large quanties.  I was lucky and found several
                           components which had been setting in the ware house back rooms for years.

                          Over 75 kits have been supplied with very positive feedback

OFFER   -    The cost of a kit is $60 plus postage.  In the USA and using priority mail
                        the total cost is $64.80.  In the EU countries air letter postage is $8.90 USD
                        making the total $68.90 USD.  My Payapl ID is

                        If interested or have questions I may be contacted by e-mail at: Bob W7AVK
                        or by phone at [509] 750-7589.

 These images are provided for informational purposes for the Drake community.

(photos of DRAKE gear by KF4FJH - RF Buchanan)
5 Sizes Extender Board in Set by DRAKE
Extender Board Set I Supply
5 Sizes Extender Boards in 13 Set by DRAKE
13 Extender Board Set I Supply

Here is the complete inventory of the components that made up the DRAKE service kit and those items supplied in my recreated kit:

    13 extender boards, made up from the 5 sizes shown above:
            3 each 3 pin Extender Cards
            2 each 4 pin Extender Cards
            2 each 5 pin Extender Cards          [Bold - Supplied in My Recreated Service kit]
            4 each 6 pin Extender Cards
            2 each 9 pin Extender Cards
    1 DIGITAL JUMPER board, as shown above
    3 tuning tools (standard diddle sticks) [Not Supplied]
    1 sheet of instructions, [Not Supplied] that reads in its entirety:

        "The original TR-7 Service Kit consists of 13 extender boards, a jumper board, and
        three tuning tools to facilitate the repair and maintenance of the R.L. Drake
        TR-7 Transceiver.

        "The extender boards are used to elevate printed circuit boards above their
        compartments to provide access to each side of the circuit board for
        troubleshooting.  Since some circuit boards use more pins than the longest
        extender board, it will be necessary to assemble several extender boards to
        accommodate all of the circuit board pins.

        "The jumper board connects the TR-7 translator board and the digital control
        board together.  The jumper board is required in TR-7's that have a DR-7
        installed, and it allows the TR-7 to operate after the DR-7 has been removed.
        The DR-7 must be removed to gain access to the front half of the TR-7.
        Three tuning tools are provided so that adjustments can be made to variable
        resistors, capacitors, and inductors in the TR-7.  Refer to the TR-7 Service
        Manual for all adjustments and technical maintenance."



There is some discussion about the CARD PULLER supplied by DRAKE.  I believe it  came with those units that had the Digital Readout [DR-7] card which was sold as option. 

I do not supply the CARD PULLER with my  recreated  service kit as it is easy to facricate from a small length of heavy wire.



From the bench of Gary Poland, W8PU, one of my TR-7 Service Kits in use.  Notice how several size extender cards are used in combination to elevate a TR-7 card from its normal card cage location. 

Also notice the Digital Jumper Card being used so the TR-7 will operate as the DR-7 Digital Desplay board has been removed.


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