Drake Repairs & Troubleshooting Tips

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R4B Alignment Using "Alignment Loads" Does Make A Difference, By Garey Barrell / K4OAH

Replacing That Flat Green C41/C25 Capacitor in the Drake L-7/L-75

Low Cost Power Switch Replacement For the Drake L-4B & L-7 Amplifiers ,  by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Drake AC3 & AC4 Power Supply Troubleshooting,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK


   From the Desk of, and Author of "KL0S Shack Notes", Dino Papas / KL0S  

Amplifier Tube Socket Repair, by Dino Papas / KL0S

Drake RF Amplifier Power Supply Fixes, by Dino Papas / KL0S

Drake RF Amplifier Transformer Replacement, by Dino Papas / KL0S


Drake Parts, Materials & Resources,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Another Drake AC-4 Power Supply Upgrade, by Jeff Covelli / WA8SAJ

Drake L4/L4-B Blower Fan Repair/Upgrade, by Gene McCalmont / W5DDW

Drake L4-B Power Switch Repair & Refurbishing, By David Drake / WD9CMD

Eliminating Drake TR7 Key Clicks, By Floyd Sense / K8AC

What's Inside the Drake TR-7 Transceiver, by Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Why Is The 8BN8 Tube Is Used In The Drake 2B Receiver, by: Garey Barrell / K4OAH

Rebuilding The Drake PTO Assembly "Smooth As Silk Tuning",   by: Neil Rosenberg / K1VY

T4XC Transmitter with intermittent or erratic power output,  by: Ron Baker / WB4HFN

Solving High Voltage Connector Problems with the Drake Amplifiers, by Evan Rolek / K9SQG

R4, R4A, & R4B Series Receiver & T4X Transceive Adjustment,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

R-4, R-4B, R-4C Injection Level Problems,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Drake PTO Grounding,  by: Donnie Garrett / WA9TGT

Drake PTO Troubleshooting,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

TR-7 Pin Diode Test Procedure

TR4C, R4C, T4XC Repairing the VFO Dial Rubber Bushing,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Identifying The Drake TR-7 Differences and Versions,  by: Ronald Baker / WB4HFN

Relay Care For TR3, TR4, T4X & T4XB,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Troubleshooting Antenna Relay Problems,  by: Mark Gilger / WB0IQK

Repairing the Antenna Switch in the MN-2700 Antenna Tuner, by: Lee Cramer / WB6SSW

Restoring A Drake TR-7 Amplifier To Full Output, by: Floyd Sense / K8AC