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RTTY Operations With Drake Equipment

Replacement Capacitor for C41 in the L7 & L75 Amplifier

Drake DL-300 & DL-1000 Dummy Load Derating Curve Information

Using the SP-75 Speech Processor With The P-75 Phone Patch

PS-7 Power Supply Shut-Down When Using The SP-75 Speech Processor

NB-7 Noise Blanker Installation Documentation

R7/TR7 Accessory Filter Installation Manual

AUX-7 Auxiliary Programming Board Documentation

UMK-3 Remote Mounting Kit Documentation

The 3-500Z Transmitting Tube Specifications And Applications Notes.

TR-4CW Supplementary Instruction Sheet

All 4-Line Transmitter and Transceiver Output Tuning Alternative

Noise Blanker (NB-4) Tuning Alternative

Television Interference "Common Sense"

Drake Equipment Crystal Order Information

Drake Equipment Spare Parts List For R-4C, T-4XC, TR-4C, AC-4

Drake 2-AC Crystal Calibrator Description and Diagram

Drake 2-B Receiver Accessory Crystal Data Sheet

Drake Microphone Model 7077 Instruction Sheet

160 Meter Antenna using the B-1000 Balun

Drake TV-3300-LP Low Pass Filter Instruction Sheet

Drake New Product Sheet from the year 1981

Drake NB-5 Noise Blanker For the TR-5 Transceiver

Henry Radio's  Mechanical Filter Kit For The 2-B Receiver, Data Sheet & Installation Brochure