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Dayton Hamvention / 2010

May 14-16, 2010

Page Two  -  Desert At Evan's QTH

After the Thursday night Drake Drake Dinner at the Longhorn Steak House a few of the Drake guys went to Evans house for desert.    It was coffee and Drake Cake for everyone.     Picture at top left is a picture taken in Evans shack.  In the picture, down in front, L-R, is Jeff (WA8SAJ), Evan (K9SQG), Gary (W8PU), and Bob (W4WTO), and at the top of the picture, L-R, is Gene, Sindre (LA6OP), and Mark (W0IQK).

Pictured below are some of the the guys are enjoying a good time with coffee and cake, and good conversation about their Hamvention plans over the next few days.  Who is going to sell the most and who will find the one rare bargain in the flea market.



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