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For more information on this item, or to make a purchase please e-mail me at: wb4hfn@twlakes.net

Drake AC4 Power Supply

Fully Rebuilt & Refurbished


Here is the Drake AC4 power supply rebuilt and refurbished, in excellent condition.    The AC4 power supply has been fully rebuilt using the Heathkit Shop AC4R upgrade kit, all new parts mounted on a good quality circuit board.  The black two pin connector has been upgraded to the RCA type connector.   This AC4 has the 3 wire grounded power plug.  Nice and clean inside and out.

The AC4 has been fully tested and has several hours of burn-in testing, all the voltages tested correctly.  

Check out all the pictures, know what your buying before you make a purchase, the pictures tell it all.  To purchase or ask questions please e-mail those to: wb4hfn@twlakes.net