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For more information on this item, or to make a purchase please e-mail me at: wb4hfn@twlakes.net

Drake R4B

Fully Refurbished In Excellent Condition


  The radio has been completely bench checked and serviced, completely aligned according to the manual, all switches and controls were cleaned and lubricated,  all functions are in good working condition.  The VFO was completely serviced, bearing grease replaced, lubricated and adjusted to provide a smooth light touch tuning, tuning dials cleaned.  The front panel is original and in perfect condition. The blue filters in the VFO and Meter windows are brand new, and original blue color.  The radio comes with all 4 Drake original feet with rubber tips.   Overall this is a beautiful radio in close to like new condition.  

Check out all the pictures, know what your buying before you make a purchase, the pictures tell it all.   If you have any questions please e-mail those to: wb4hfn@twlakes.net