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Drake Radio Repair, Service And Refurbishing Details


E-mail me for more information on Drake radio repair & service, or refurbishing work.


My current hourly labor rate for "Repair Only" work is $40.00 per hour.  Also applies to all work categories when extended work in necessary above the minor repair work that is normally included in the option.

For the Full Service Option:  (Including the TR4, TR4C, TR7, TR7A, R7, R7A)   the labor rate is a flat $240.00.

For the "Full Service" Option:  Including the T4X(A,B or C), R4(A,B, or C), the labor rate is a flat $200.00.

For chassis washing, and clear coat sealer applied to the chassis for all Drake 4-Line radios is $100.00.

For the detailed exterior cleaning on all Drake radios is $50.00.  This is included in the "Full Service" Option.

For case painting with the Drake black textured finish is $60.00.  Includes sanding smooth to metal, metal is primed  then painted with two coats of paint and the texturing finish.

See below what is included with the "FULL SERVICE" Option and other Repair Work And Shipping Details

For more information on these services or for your radio repair needs please e-mail me at:



The "FULL SERVICE" Option Includes The Following

  Fully disassembled, knobs, front panel, PTO, all tubes and shields and any other metal parts that are easily removed.

  Bare chassis is cleaned using brush and high pressure air hose, then cleaned with a degreasing wash, tube sockets degreased and cleaned.

  The PTO is removed, disassembled, cleaned with degreasing solution, old bearing grease removed, threaded rod tuning shaft cleaned, new bearing grease installed, threaded tuning rod lubricated with white lithium grease.  All the tuning gears are cleaned and lubricated, clear plastic frequency disks are cleaned, and all gear tensioning levers lubricated and adjusted to the proper tension.  PTO is completely reassembled and calibrated.

  All the tubes are cleaned, tube pins cleaned removing all grease and corrosion and wire brushed.  Tube pins are the straightened to ensure a solid fit to the socket and then tubes are checked for proper operation.  Bad tubes are replaced when needed.

  All controls and switches are cleaned and lubricated, band switch is cleaned with DeOxit and then a lubricating contact cleaned, then checked for proper rotor to stator contact connections and adjusted as needed to ensure a solid contact on each band.

  Front panel is washed, then dried and buffed polished.

  All front panel knobs and washed, white line indicator repainted, and the buff polished.

  Radio case is washed, minor paint touchup work is performed and then buffed polished.

  If the radio has a relay, all the contacts are cleaned, checked for proper contact tension and readjusted as needed.

  Radio is completely reassembled, powered up, checked to verify all stages are performing correctly, all problems are repaired and any needed minor repair work is performed.

  Radio receives new panel lamps, blue tint filters are replaced with new filters of the right blue shading to match the original blue tint behind both the meters and VFO window.  The VFO white background is also replaced with new bright white material.

  Once the radio is fully operational,  the radio receives a complete alignment and completely tested to verify the radio meets or exceeds the original Drake specifications.

  After all work is completed the radio is put back in the case, on-air tested and then put through a burn-in test for 2 hours, then retested again to verify the radio is still performing to Drake specifications.

Noted Exceptions:  Please remember I cannot work miracles, if the case is all beat up or rusted, minor paint touchup is pointless, if the chassis is all rusted and corroded, the damage is done and not much can be done to make it better, if the front panel is damaged or paint challenged it can not be repaired but can be replaced if one is available.  Also, radios requiring major repair work will be repaired for an extra labor charge and the normal $40.00 per hour.

Important Repair Work and Shipping Details

Detailed Estimates:  Once I have your radio on the bench, for evaluation I can provide a more exact estimate cost of repair before I begin any repair work.  In most cases the estimate I provide is very close to the final repair cost, return shipping cost not included in the estimate.   If after a details bench check is performed for the estimate, and you then decide to not have it repaired, the labor charge is $40.00 for the estimate.    If the radio is subsequently repaired, there is no charge for the estimate or the bench time to perform the estimate.

Return Shipping:  Return shipping cost is determined but the actual size of the box and the box weight.  If you ship in an undersized box or the box you used is damaged, I will repack in a new box and add a small amount for the box and needed packing material to the invoice.  I only use UPS for shipping.


Miracles:  If your radio looks like a rust bucket, chassis bent like a pretzel, front panel destroyed, radio case reshaped like a triangle, and so forth, I will not work on the radio, BECAUSE, I can not perform miracles.

Radio's I Don't Repair:  I do not repair the solid state microprocessor based short wave radios like the SPR-4, or any of the newest microprocessor based radios like the R8(A or B),  SW8 or similar based radios.   Also if your Drake radio has been significantly chassis damaged and rusted because of mice droppings and moisture damage, I will not repair those radios because of the moisture damage and rust is down inside the switches and components and not worth fixing and in many cases will never work right again.

I also do not work on the older Drake radios such as the 2A and 2B receivers, the TR3 and very early TR4 transceivers which has the soup can style IF Filters, it looks like a soldered tin can around the Sideband selector.  I do not work on any Drake radio that has been modified from the original wiring, including the Sherwood Modifications which must go back to Sherwood for servicing.

Non Repairable Policy: Radios that have significant, or, non-standard, or, undocumented modifications, and/or attempted repairs made by non-technical or non-qualified technician causing undo circuit or physical damage, resurrecting or rebuilding radios from a box of parts, and any radio where the cost significantly exceed the value of the radio.  I reserve the right to not repair said radio, and return to the owner at their expense and paid before shipping back to the owner.

Non Payment Policy: Once invoiced, if payment is not received within 90 days of the completed invoice date, I reserve the right to sell said equipment as payment for the outstanding invoice amount.

Equipment Estimates Policy: Estimate fees resulting in non-repair of equipment, a $40.00 fee is charged. There is no charge for estimates if the repair work is performed.

Return Shipping Policy: All return shipping cost is the responsibility of the equipment owner and is included in the final repair cost. Does not apply to local pick-up. Equipment received for repair but not repaired due to cost or cancellation by owner, the return shipping cost is at the owner’s expense and paid before equipment is shipped.

For more information on these services or for your radio repair needs please e-mail me at: