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Vintage Radio Refurbishing Before Restoration

by: Ronald Baker / WB4HFN

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With all the chassis hardware reinstalled the next step is to install the front panel.  The front panel can be a little tricky to install.  The front panel is mounted to the chassis with small screws in each corner and is held 1/16" away from the chassis with fiber washers.   The trick here is to get the VFO Select light assembly mounted, the VFO window in place and all the other pieces in place without loosing any of the small pieces.  Definitely a balancing act, and would be much easier having four hands.

This pictures shows the front panel reinstalled with all the supporting hardware.   Its starting to look like a Drake transceiver again.

Next the knobs receive a good bath and scrubbing.   The white indicator line gets re-whitened and the knobs get a light polish and buffing.   The main tuning knob get a new chrome center and repainted quick tune insert.

Here is a picture of the completed front panel and knob assembly.   Its starting to take shape and is looking great.  Who said these old radios can't look like new again.



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