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L-4B Switch Refurbishing Project

Written By:  David Drake / W9CMD



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Here we are all buttoned up.  Panel lamps resoldered to the terminal strip and wire ties replaced.   Note the Harbach mods in this particular amp. 





While you are at it, it might be a good time to replace the panel lamps.  These are still available, with the same original part numbers.  Compared side by side is a new stock amber lamp (right) alongside the original.  The outside (the part you see) is identical to the original.  The underside is a more modern snap in construction.  Color is slightly different, but after 30+ years I expect the original is a bit faded.

The lamps can be purchased through Allied Electronics, Allied Part numbers: 679-5100 (red) and 679-5110 (amber).  Plenty of stock as of this writing.  You may also reference the original part numbers: 1050C1 and 1050C3.  CML is the manufacturer."




In the end, we now have a “happy” L-4B, functioning as new.


73’s, David / WD9CMD


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