ICOM Equipment Modifications List

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IC-275 IC Amplifier Oscillation

PLL unlock during high ambient temperature

Improve voice synthesizer and side-tone quality

Prevent PLL unlock at 174Mhz

Improve stability of meters in center position

Eliminate spurious emissions

Noise coming from speaker during transmit

IC-290 9600 baud modification for Packet
IC-28 Improve receiver sensitivity

Improved RF output power

Improved S-meter gain

Prevent birdies at 154.755 and 154.810Mhz

9600 baud modification for Packet

IC-2KL Capacitor C8 and C9 fail due to oscillation
IC-471A Packet operation modification
IC-475 Prevent decreased RF output power at high temperature
IC-735 PLL unlock at high temperature

Eliminate CPU noise at 29Mhz

If you can hear CPU noise at 29Mhz

Chirping in the CW mode

IC-751 Gain improvement with noise blanker

Pass band tuning improvements

Service manual correction

Can not change modes

Improve intermodulation distortions at 10Mhz

Chirping in CW Mode in Split Mode

Power amplifier oscillation at 1.9Mhz

IC-R71 Improve S-meter sensitivity
IC-3200 9600 baud modification for Packet

Correct long receiver recovery on Packet

IC-R7000 Display frequency and tuning frequency not the same

S-meter does not drop to 0db above 500Mhz

Increase memory channel capacity to 200 channels

Remote replay stays energized with no signal

Improve SSB audio quality

Display fails at power up





PLL unlock at power up

CTCSS control at power-up


IC-04AT Transmit delay when cold
IC-228 Dampened S-meter at low temperature
IC-229 Enable aircraft reception
IC-900 Garbled display at power up
IC-970 Extended RF range
IC-761 Receiver had poor sensitivity

Larger relay to key non-Icom linear amplifiers

Speed up rise time in CW Mode

"A" VFO LED flickers when using "B" VFO

Receiver oscillates with strong signal

Improper ALC with non-Icom linear amplifiers

IC-765 Antenna tuner still hunts after first transmission

Improved monitor volume

Add Pass Band tuning modification to IF shift transmission

Prevent Antenna switch unit failure

Antenna tuner modification

Improve T/R switch timing



Noise when transmitting CTCSS tone

+5 volts failure

IC-3210 Transmit spurious signals from power amplifier
IC-2330 Extended range modification
IC-2410 Low microphone level

Enable cross-band repeat

IC-2430 Extended receive modification
IC-2AT Transmit RF indicator not reading correctly
IC-12AT Improve TIR and VXO operations

Improve CTCSS transmit tome stability

No memory retention and CPU lockup

IC-32AT Eliminate faint pulse noise from speaker

Enable cross-band repeat

IC-24AT Enable 740Mhz to 960Mhz receive via keypad

Enable cross-band repeat via keypad

IC-2SAT Extended receive modification via keypad

Battery will not charge when battery is good

IC-W2A Extended receive modification
IC-W21AT Extended receive modification
IC-32A Extend transmit and receive range to 999Mhz