YAESU Equipment Modifications List

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FT-7000 10 meter modification
FT-757 Receive filter modification
FT-767GX All band transmit modification
FT747GX All band transmit modification

Add a CW spotting circuit

FT-727R Modify for extended coverage
FT-726 Audio quality improvements
FT-470 Cross band repeat

Extended receive coverage

Extended VHF transmit frequency range

Extended UHF Receive coverage

Extended frequency modification

FT-311 Extend RF tuning range
FT-411 Out of band modifications

Packet modification

FT-711 Extend RF tuning range
FT-530 Extend RF tuning range

Extend RX/TX range

FT-23R Entended frequency range

C.A.P. modification

Disable battery saver feature

FT-23 Fix for a noisy PTTswitch
FT-51R Extended range modification
FT-50R Wide band RX and TX modification
FT-76 Extended RF tuning range
FT-211RH 9600 baud Packet modification
FT-207 9600 baud Packet modification
FT-209 Extended coverage
FT-101E Replacing final tubes
FT-727 Extended coverage
FT-575GX Narrow band filter modification
FT-736 Direct varactor FM modulation for Packet

Modification for 9600 baud Packet

Modify all receiver modules for out of band reception

FT-747 Extended transmit range
FT-900 Intermittent radio tuning off frequency
FT-1000 General coverage transmit modification
FT-2311 Extended RF tuning range
FT-2400 Extended RF tuning range

Hooking up a packet TNC to radio

FT-2500 Extended range modification
FT-5200 Enable cross band operations

Extend frequency coverage