Humorous Short Stories
  A bill to regulate the Hunting and Harvesting Attorneys
  Angry woman in a rain storm
  A proud father and his son
A mother on vacation in Athens
  Selling cows like you would sell used cars
RULES FOR MEN ....... From A Women's Point Of View
  Reward for a escaped desporado HOPALONG CAPACITY
  An interesting story about the working man
  Take the "OVER THE HILL" test and see how you rate
  Rules of the road for New England drivers
 When the parrot talks you should listen
  His first experience with nature
  A cowboys prayer
A letter from his mother
  'Old' Joe's glass eye has double vision
  A little story about a brick layers worst nightmare
  Everybody gets involved
  Find the answer to who really won the Civil War
  Always complaining!!!! Branio's experience
  The computer is ALWAYS right !!!!!!!
  Repairing electronic equipment made EASY
  The life cycle of the back yard mechanic
  A little something to make you go "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm"
  A letter to my creditors
  A little story about marriage and old age
  Nymphomanes Anonymous
  When all through the house  (A Christmas Poem)
  Bill Clinton's Medical Dictionary
  Small children in church
  A smart kid's homework excuse
  Rules for all visitors at an Amateur Radio Station
  Arriving in heaven
  Dancing Moose, vacation fun and excitment
  Field Day Klutz
  Seven step plan on fixing radio equipment
  Ham explains his tower climbing accident to the insurance company
  The true meaning of T.G.I.F., Believe Me Its All True!!!!! 
  A story about the old but wise six finger chinaman
  A Ham's Christmas Eve Poem

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